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Default Attack on Titan

A bit surprised there isn't already a thread for this, but now there is!

This is for general discussion of the anime (please try to avoid spoilers from the manga).

First, to get it out of the way: Great show, highly recommend, good characters, plot development, mystery, action, and animation. Pretty brutal at times, but honestly not as brutal and depressing as some make it out to be.

Alright, now to start some real conversation:

SPOILER ALERT (Based on events revealed in Season 3)

I've been thinking with the revelations about the royal families memory altering abilities, we now don't really know that there has been 100 years of peace. We can't be certain there's been 100 years of anything. Could have been 1000 years in the walls, could have been nearly anything. It seems likely it's actually been more than 100 years in the walls at least due to the suggestions of how long the lines of succession have been, but that's not certain either.

But, likewise, we don't know that it's been particularly peaceful ever. It could be the "invasion" force was not a new group that suddenly decided to show up after 100 years of leaving the place alone, it could be the invasion attempts are more or fairly frequent, and everyone's memories are just erased/altered frequently enough to not remember or have record of it all happening. Since they seemed to have the ability to repair the walls, they could simply cover up such evidence of a problem. The only reason it didn't happen that way this time, it seems, is because of Eren's dad getting in the way.

This opens up the possibility that the story isn't really of a complacency of peace finally breaking down with the arrival of a new development in the threat to humanity, but of a system of mind control breaking down due to the intervention of a particular player / traitor / agitator / whatever.
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