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Old 09-07-2015, 09:39 PM
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Default Idea - Group IM Chat for Conventions/Events

I kind of mentioned what will be a part of this in the newest AWA thread, but I wanted to elaborate on the bigger idea with its own separate thread. Basically I would like to make it easier for a group of people going to the same convention/event to communicate so that they, for example, could get questions answered, ask the other group members to keep an eye out for specific merchandise, or otherwise be able to pass along relevant information to the group.

I imagine that an IM client on smartphones would be the easiest method for most people, but I'm not very familiar with the dozens of those that exists and which one(s) would most fit the needs of the users. One of the major benefits of using an IM client in my mind would be the group members not having to give out their real names and phone numbers to others that they may not be completely comfortable with. Instead the group members would use screen names that others should be familiar with (for us it would probably be our OSN handles). Once an IM client is decided on the members would create a group room for everyone to join with a name such as "[email protected]". Also for safety I think it would be a good policy to keep anything personal out of the group chat in case someone joins with bad intentions or in case an outsider happens across the room.

Obviously this idea needs at least a little work, but please let me know if you have any ideas or feedback and maybe we can get this going before the next big convention. ^_^

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