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Default Otaku Social Network is Closing Its Doors

Hello all,

It's been a long fun ride (almost 10 years) but it's with a sad heart that I'm announcing Otaku Social Network is shutting down on 2/22/19. Hopefully you have met and made many wonderful friends on OSN as well. If I have helped even just 1 person make a lasting friendship on OSN then I consider the site a huge success.

I've made some fantastic friends and have met so many amazing people through OSN at conventions and online. It's been an absolute pleasure knowing each and every one of you and I will never forget any of you. Hopefully you'll remember OSN as well.

Otaku Social Network will still have a Facebook page at


and a YouTube page at


A special shout out to Dave (DioXtreme) for the tons of work he did on the OSN Facebook and YouTube pages. Check out his pages at






I'd like to thank EVERYONE that helped me out on the OSN site and at my booths at various conventions. It was an absolute blast hanging out with you and those times are all fond memories I will always cherish.
A SPECIAL shout out has to go to Sparky3000 whose efforts on the OSN site and at Anime Expo were invaluable. I can't thank you enough for all the work you did. I consider you a friend and hope we continue to keep in contact. I wish you all the best and the greatest success in ALL your endeavours.

And so, as the stage lights dim and the curtain closes on OSN I'd like to thank everyone again for all the wonderful support you've given me and OSN over the close to 10 years. It means the world to me...and so, OSN is taking the stage for the last time and I bid thee a fond farewell...

Reach for your dreams...Nothing is impossible


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