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Old 10-16-2018, 01:59 AM
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I got two more volumes of Ai Yori Aoshi from 2nd & Charles for around $3.50 each. They're in pretty good shape, and now I only need volume 17 to complete the series. ^_^
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Old 10-20-2018, 01:00 PM
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I got all 5 Digimon Adventure Tri movies that are out, DVD's only, for $10 each on Amazon Prime.
Also saw Eureka Seven: Hi Evolution Part 1 (combo) for $25 on BestBuy.com, which is $5 or $6 cheaper than Amazon. Not super bargains, but saved some money.

Notes on Digimon, though. Reunion showed only 14 remain, subtracting mine, & one of them, maybe Confusion or Coexistence, wouldn't come up buyable searching it alone, but did display as an alternate (I think that's what that was) on Loss's page, iirc.

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