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Default Death Note

Not sure if it should be under Horror or not but I'm going with it. Just finished watching it for the second time on Netflix. Great show in the beginning. Even knowing what is going to happen it still draws you in. The ending tho feels unnecessary. I think it could have been so much better if they ended it earlier than they did. I heard the Manga is far better
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Horror works for Death Note I would say. I still need to watch it from start to finish in order. I've seen most of the series when it was running on Adult swim, but I would watch 3-4 episodes here and there. It is a very good watch still.

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Seems more like a Crime Drama than a horror, but that wouldn't quite fit either. It doesn't seem like it's trying to scare anyone though, and it's more cerebral than most horror. But, since I can't figure out the precise genre either, we can go with it.

I liked it a lot when it came out way back. Was one of few anime I really looked forward to seeing every week. Nice twists and turns in the giant chess match. I do like that often the hook isn't some mystery to unlock (who did it? How are they doing it? Nah, they mostly tell you all that), but rather how the characters are going to play their hands against each other.
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