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Default Downloads vs. Streams

AKA "It's Over, Fansubbing is Finished"

I'll start by linking a friend's post on the subject, where he (drunkenly, bless him) analyzes fansub downloads on a torrent site against view count on an illegal streaming site: http://www.crymore.net/2016/06/06/fa...2016-shitpost/

A few caveats: as mentioned in the comments, Nyaa's download count is the number of times the torrent file has been downloaded, and the stream site's view count is the number of times the page has been viewed instead of the video's play count. Also unaccounted for is direct downloading, other stream sites, etc etc etc. In short, it's not very scientific.

However, it does manage to illustrate something important: presently, people want the instant action of streaming video more than the multi-step process that is downloading and watching anime. As technology is becoming more convenient, people are wanting more convenience, even at the expense of quality (and not only from illegal streams - I'm looking at you, Funimation).

Does this mean downloading is a thing of the past? In my eyes, no. Downloading provides a type of convenience that streaming presently can't: portability. Mobile data plans tend to have restrictive data limits, making it rather risky to stream video for long periods of time. By comparison, it is quite safe to load up a laptop, tablet, portable hard drive, or other device with pre-downloaded video to enjoy later. Plus, it's generally higher quality than you'd stream on a limited data plan.

Now, I'd like to take a step away from the main point here and look at fansubs. If you've been paying any attention to the "scene" of late, you'll have noticed that a large number of groups have either become shadows of themselves or altogether closed up shop. This seems upsetting at first glance - fansubbers are capable of providing certain things that simulcasts and official subs can't due to technological restrictions, and the groups who've been using simulcast scripts have also been providing noticeable improvements to them.

I, however, feel that the decline of fansubs is a good thing. It seems to me that it's a sign that official subbing is becoming adequate - that editing the scripts would be more effort than warranted by the change in quality. It also shows that official subs are covering enough of the market that fansubbers aren't as necessary (though for shows with "political" issues preventing official subs, such as Macross, they'll always be needed). HorribleSubs, which rips simulcasts and puts them up for download, will be around for countries where simulcasts aren't available.

So, what do you think? Do you prefer to stream your anime instantly, or do you like to download it for later watching? What's your take on the state of fansubbing?
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Default Grats Darais for winning the Best Forum Post Contest

Grats Darais,

You won the Best Forum Post Contest for this month. You pose an interesting question. Where once the heated debate was subs vs dubs (although people still debate that), has the new question become, streaming vs downloads? They both have their pros and cons as you pointed out, but where do all of you fall in the argument? Which do you prefer and why? Are you willing to sacrifice quality over convenience and speed? If fansubbing groups slowly become a thing of the past, who will fansub older titles that were never released commercially and never will be (or newer titles that just aren't popular enough to be picked up commercially here)? It's been more than 20 years since Dragon Warrior/Quest was aired in the U.S. and it still hasn't been completely subbed (a fansubber named Element7 recently took up the mantle and is working on it currently and putting it on youtube, THANKS AGAIN Element7 for your hard work and dedication).

I personally prefer downloads because once it's on my external hard drives it feels like it's mine. Like owning a dvd of it. My friends can copy it, I can watch it even when I'm not connected to the net (whenever my power goes out, I just turn on my laptop and watch anime in the dark), I'm not tied down or encumbered by anything. It's basically like I own a physical copy of it. Even if a title eventually is no longer available to stream online, I can watch it whenever and wherever I want. It's mine . It kinda reminds me of what happened to the P.T. Trailer for Silent Hill. I downloaded it to my PS4's hard drive and can play it whenever I want. But because of the whole nonsense with Konami, it's not available anymore on the PS store. If you want to play it now and didn't download it, you're either SOL or you gotta buy a PS4 with it already downloaded on it (it sells on ebay for a few hundred dollars more than a brand new PS4 just cause of the demo). So what does everyone else think? It'd be interesting to hear your thoughts. And grats again Darais for winning this month's Best Forum Post Contest.

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Dang it! I thought I had this month!

Guess I'll chime in. I don't watch fansubs; I can wait for the official dub to come out. I don't follow the new stuff closely, so I know very little of what I'm missing (Black Rock Shooter sounds intersting, though).

I prefer to buy my anime, though, current circumstances require I be insanely picky. At least for now. I do stream some anime on a site of questionable legality*, sometimes. I've fallen WAY behind on that, though. Doesn't help I haven't started watching what I got from Anime St. Louis, muchless the last couple things I won here. I use AdBlock & Ghostry to get rid of the ads & most of the shenanigans the sites I sometimes use have.

But I need to watch dubs. My circumstances don't like subs, which is making playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE difficult... not that their choice of fonts & colors help any... @[email protected] Was Atlus's font person color blind?

I have downloaded a few anime I want to go back to, but not over conventional means. The main example is Crest & Banner of the Stars, because when I tried to buy them legally, Bandai refused to ship any to Best Buy. I think I even tried sorting it out, but there were only 6 orders, & that was too little to print a new run, or something. If they refuse to take my money, there's no point trying to force them to.

*Judge Posner has stated that watching embeds & streaming video is not copyright infringement, so once I read that, I felt better about the streaming:

Techdirt -- Judge Posner: Embedding Infringing Videos Is Not Copyright Infringement, And Neither Is Watching Them

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I'll watch streams, but whenever possible I much prefer downloading my fansubs, especially if I can get the whole series in a batch torrent. Its as the OP said with the portable data. I like having my anime instantly at my fingertips, but by downloading it, I can carry it with me and have it at my fingertips anywhere, and rewatch it as often as I like whenever I want. In the end, the extra steps are worth the effort.
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