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Old 03-22-2017, 04:24 AM
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Default What Game Is Like Crack For You?

There are a lot of addictive games out there, and people have different ones that will just hook them in and they just can't seem to put down. Before you know it, your "just a bit more" turns into 5 hours later and now you aren't getting much sleep.

For me, the game that fits this the best is Sid Meier's Pirates! (probably Pirates! Gold too, but I have less access to that now). I recently got it again on Steam while it was on sale (I had it before, and still have the disc, but I lost my product key for it. It was super cheap on steam though). It fortunately works pretty well linux through Wine. Anyway, I remembered years ago playing it on Xbox Live Arcade and finding it addictive. It still is, possibly moreso as I've gotten more into how the mechanics work. And it was addictive in older iterations as well back on the Sega Genesis and such. I keep saying "well, let me just go over and find one more criminal" or "let me just defeat one more pirate" or "let me just find that treasure on this map first" or whatever, and eventually it's 5AM.

This isn't my favorite game of all time (it's up there, mind you) but it's certainly the most addictive one for me.

How about you guys?
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Old 04-06-2017, 07:00 AM
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Default Gratz DJIndy

Gratz DJIndy,

You've won this the March Best Forum Post Contest. This is a great question as I'm sure most if not all people have a game or a game series that they will never get bored of. There are a few series that I never get bored of and when they release sequels to them I always pick them up. Street Fighter and the Resident Evil series I never tire of (I am still desperately hoping they release a new Resident Evil game that features Jill Valentine as the main character, I love me some Jill Valentine).

But if you are talking about a single game that I still play fairly consistently, it's definitely Rock Band 4. Really, it doesn't matter if it's Rock Band 1,2,3 or 4. It's the gameplay aspect that I love. Rock Band 4 just has all the other songs importable. A buddy of mine has a gaming/anime/movie party every month (anywhere from 15 to 30 people show up) and I always bring Rock Band over there and we play until 4,5,6, even sometimes until 7 am (party starts around 8 pm the previous day). It's a GREAT party game. I always end up driving home bleary eyed and a little drunk in the morning .

Even though we all suck at singing (well, a couple of the guys are decent), we still have a blast singing, playing drums and guitar (I mostly play the drums and sing). I've been told I can sing Imagine decently, but I'm a mess with most other songs (people have told me on multiple occasions that I look a lot like John Lennon so I specifically practice singing that song the most ).

I always check every week for new songs to download and have downloaded over 250 songs over the years (that's a lot of money I've invested in the game, a little here a little there adds up ). I even bought the Ion drum set (a lower end electronic drum set) with the electronic brain and have it set up in my basement, connected to a guitar amp in addition to the PS4 so that when you play along with the game, you hear the actual electronic drum sounds through the amp (it basically sounds like you are playing a real drum set while you are playing the game).

So anyway, yeah, definitely Rock Band 4, I'll NEVER get tired of that game and gratz again on your win DJIndy.

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Old 07-25-2018, 09:55 AM
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Splatoon, 1 & 2. Between them, I'm certain I've exceeded 1,300 hours. @[email protected] I'm in the top ranks in both, so am pretty good. I don't know exactly why I have trouble putting the controller down, but it certainly is addictive.

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