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Default Board games

Any one play any board games? I like Cards Against Humanity if it's a bigger group but it gets old after a few times unless you keep adding expansion pack...which I do not haha. When Toy's R Us was closing I picked up 5 Minute Dungeon. That's a fun and quick game. I brought it to work a couple times and played it on break. I like classic games like Monopoly (tho Pokemon Monopoly has the best rules when you roll doubles and is my favorite version to play), Risk (Risk 2210 is the best version out there), Battleship (even tho my wife is undefeated), Stratego (which actually own any more, I left it in NY). Some newer but still fun games are Forbidden Bridge (by newer I mean 90s), Scattergories is also fun. I also like card games like Uno and 5 Crowns (look that one up if you haven't heard of it). Any one else have any games they like? I'm always looking for quick games to play (30-45 min max) with minimal setup and not crazy rules that take way to long to explain to people
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