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Old 06-11-2016, 08:06 AM
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Default Netfilx brought back Voltron!

June 10th, 2016, Netflix & DreamWorks rebooted Voltron. The new series is called Voltron: Legendary Defender. Some research suggests it will be getting an "extensive toyline" in 2017, by Playmates; can't find any pics, so quality is unknown.

I quite enjoyed the reboot. There were MANY changes to it, some I'll talk about, some I'll not spoil. Some I'll mention, without spoiling. None of the changes really detract from the show, in this life-long Voltron fan's opinion. Won't be getting into much about the plot.

This is a total reboot. They find the Lions & Arus differently, some origins are different. Some characters are different (REALLY don't like the new Coran), but none of the changes impact things all that much, & never felt out of place (again, aside from Coran).

The most obvious change is Voltron underwent another face-lift. Probably could be described as a hybrid between the original & Voltron Force (pic below), with more stylization. I like this new version better than Voltron Force's, but still not as much as the original. The biggest, relevant difference from the original is probably Yellow Lion's lack of its usual back-mounted BFG. I was probably passed halfway through before I realized it was missing. Black Lion's wings also no longer fold away. Voltron's face is also a bit off, but not substantially so. Overall, Voltron itself isn't that bad (it even has the classic combination), unless you're a purest of the original. Nothing was really distracting about the Lions or Voltron, aside from Black's wings. Oh, & how the Lions' legs hide away is properly shown. This Voltron should have no trouble getting an accuate-enough toy, as long as corners aren't cut.

Hagar is no longer a hag, & Zarkon looks substantially different. Zarkon & Hagar are also portrayed as substantially more powerful than ever before. Might as well point out Lotor was nowhere to be found, as his absence from being listed would be suspicious anyway. There is a mixture of soldiers & robots, with the robots taking the most damage, as per usual.

Keith, Lance & Hunk aren't all that changed from their original personalities, & actually are wearing their original non-uniform outfits (Keith still has the mullet even! lol). The Voltron uniforms make sense, & I expect will migrate to the original set up in Season 2 (of course there'll be a new season the year the toyline launches, there has to be! The season also ended on a sequel hook, which was totally predictable -- that there would be one, not what it was). Pidge & Allura have substantial changes, which I won't spoil (some of the big ones take a while to get revealed), but, again, not in ways that actually detract from their usual roles. Sven is totally absent, replaced by Shiro, an apparently new character. Shiro WILL be controversial.

Coran is a lot younger than usual, & quite bumbling. It was hard taking him seriously. He & Hunk get the most comedic stuff.

Oh, how Princess Allura is able to communicate w/ the Space Mice is a bit more than hinted at, but not really completely explained. At least they made an effort.

Since it is a point of contention among fans, the Castle of Lions is a Space Ship thing is back. ~_~' At least it does get used properly! I didn't care much for the Castle's new design, though.

The Lions do get a launch sequence, quite similar to the original, but them travelling through elemental themed tubes to elemental locations is absent. But, they do get into some of the Lions' Elemental Attacks.

I took a break after the hour long pilot, but marathoned the rest a few hours later. The series is 11 eps. long, but closer to 13 eps. in runtime! Every episode hooks into the next, which Netflix is getting pretty good at doing.

I will say the plot does follow the usual Voltron staples, but not strictly. They defend Arus some, they go out & save others off-world. But there's more to it than just that. The stakes are higher than in previous incarnations, but I won't get into the details.

Oh, & they get into how the Voltron Force can form Voltron without ever having known about Voltron before. All of ep. 2 is dedicated to it. lol

The most distracting & disappointing things about Voltron: Legendary Defender are no Peter Cullen narration/ voice & the Voltron Theme is COMPLETELY AWOL! ~_~' @[email protected] How can you do Voltron w/o the classic theme!? I tried listening for it subtly mixed into the new music played during the credits or at other times in eps., but it just wasn't there. v_v But when those & Coran's character are the only things I can point to as being distracting or disappointing, I have to say they did a good job otherwise.

If you are a Voltron fan, & changes that don't affect the core of characters (an argument could be made that Pidge was too different, but I don't think so, not if you take what Pidge primarily is to Voltron into consideration) don't put you off, I have to strongly recommend Voltron: Legendary Defender. Binge watching is encouraged, as long as its done responsibly.

In the researching for the toys, I came across info saying one of the Executive Producers, I think (one of the show runners) was a fan of the original when she was little. So little, she didn't remember more than that she liked it. But, she did go & either get the DVDs or watched the original on Crunchyroll or something. Not sure if that was just later, or when she was put in charge of this. Nice to see a fan at the helm.

Yellow Lion does look naked w/o its BFG, in stills. But Voltron is rarely still enough to notice in the actual show.
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Activate Interlocks. Dynotherms connected. Infracells up. Megathrusters are go. Let's go Voltron Force!
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Old 06-12-2016, 05:20 AM
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Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts on the new version of Voltron J-kun. ^_^

I don't recall ever watching the series, but if I wanted to watch one of them would you recommend the original or this newer one?
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Old 06-12-2016, 04:40 PM
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That's hard to say.

The original is classic, but is from the 80's. Lots of translation shenanigans & editing, but it's the one that made Voltron popular.

The new one changes tons, but is done well. The Netflix Voltron isn't a true Voltron experience, because of all the changes. But it is a significantly better go than almost all of the attempts since the original.

I'd have to suggest watching both. If not all of both (the original, when including Vehicle Voltron, runs over 100 eps.), at least several episodes of the original, preferably first. Plus, the original has Peter Cullen's narration & the Voltron fanfare! It isn't truly Voltron w/o those. I'm hoping the fanfare, at least, is brought back for season 2.

Also, the new series almost omits my Sig's text. It doesn't feel completely like Voltron w/o that. The words do make a cameo, but it isn't the same.


The video on the right is from WEP's official YouTube Channel. Not sure why the official source has audio problems. @[email protected]

Netflix (there are a couple bits out of order, & a bit missing, but you can tell something's missing from this clip)

*edit* Just played WEP's video for the audio while watching Netflix's reboot formation, & it feels TONS better with the original fanfare playing! lol

To kinda replicate it yourself (the new formation is much faster), start the WEP video around 1:14, then start the Netflix version.

Activate Interlocks. Dynotherms connected. Infracells up. Megathrusters are go. Let's go Voltron Force!
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