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Default Raglaia/Rami

Somehow I missed this, but looks like Rami, former lead singer of Aldious, returned to music a couple years ago after reportedly suffering from health issues which made her leave the band (many believe this was a genuine reason due to her 3 years without doing anything, and her later giving further details during this time indicating there was some sort of "brain disease" she had to deal with that was "life threatening" and supposedly the particular concern was with playing concerts and that she might collapse on stage).

The new band she formed around herself (or someone did) was called Raglaia, and had some major musicians from some other groups, but seems like it was not a permanent band. The sound is pretty good, more thrashy or groove metal than Aldious, and Rami's vocals still knock things out with lots of power behind them (something I felt was lacking from Re:NO who replaced her in Aldious, but some people seem to like that change). I'd say, Rami with Aldious instrumentals was still better, but it was also closer to Power Metal (that's what they are often considered, but they did also always have a thrashy edge in their better songs), but I've liked the Raglaia tracks (the few there are) a good bit.

It's not exactly clear what is going on, but she now also has another project just called Rami, which may or may not have the same members, but is also on a sub-label she runs. Japan is a bit weird with their labels, and sometimes there are sub-labels for just one band for copyright or creative freedom purposes, but it also seems she's signed at least one other band, so maybe there is more to it.

Supposedly she was working with a vocal coach on her time off, and the singing is a bit less rough perhaps as a result (it wasn't that rough before, but a metal rough anyway), but maybe she's just expanded what she can do.

Either way, none of the projects appear to be touring a lot, just a few shows. This may be carry over from the health issues previously stated. It's possible she's just taking things easier with these bands to not push too hard and get in trouble.

Whatever the case, I'm glad she's back, and recommend checking out these new bands music.
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